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Jan Fox, 4 Time Emmy Award Winning Journalist"If you want to build your business in Northern VA, you need to watch for events run by Basile Lemba.

I just set up a table at his EXPO with my new book, "No MuuMuu, Please! How to Land a Guest Spot on TV and What to Do When You Get There",  and I sold them ON the spot!

Basile asked me to conduct a seminar: Speak Tweaks and I ended up with several new coaching clients, and a speaking engagement!

I’m here to tell you: Basile’s networking IS working!"

~ Jan Fox, 4 Time Emmy Award Winning Journalist


$20.00 online and $25.00 at the door

Download BL Ultimate Expo Flyer

Download BL Ultimate Sponsorship Flyer

The Story of the Ultimate Northern VA Business Expo
Fairfax is where it all started with the monthly Breakfast events as well as our very first expo. As we grew, we continually had to locate and use bigger and better avenues. We now are very pleased to announce that we are now taking our expo into another whole new level, at home, with the Stacy Sherwood Community Center!    


It is a major event with over 100 exhibitors and sponsors showcasing their products/services to some 400 to 500 attendees. We have been doing this for over 10 years and per the reports it gets better each and every time!


 How many days would it take anyone to make a person to person contact and have some kind of conversation with 400 to 500 different potential clients?

Well, at our expo you can get that done in 5 hours or less!!! This is one of the reason it is called the "ULTIMATE NOVA BUSINESS EXPO"!

This perhaps one of the best opportunity for anyone to:
a) Promote and grow one's business, specifically the exhibitors. At a past expo, one exhibitor walked away with 17 leads, another one with 12 customers and made sales whereas in his entire career, he never sold anything at an expo!

"Your Expo was a complete success for us! I had numerous discussions with other business owners looking to grow their businesses. From these discussions I got 15 solid leads and 9 actual requests for quotes on products.  Additionally, I have meetings with 3 businesses to discuss forming strategic partnerships. So, thank you very much!" -A.O. 

b) You also get the opportunity to hear from national acclaimed speakers and increase your competence through first-class seminars!

c) We always combine business with pleasure. So available to you are: beverages (we throw in some international gourmet coffee as well!), free massages and oh...mind-blowing door prizes such as cruises and airfares!


All you have to secure your booth(s)/ticket(s) is to click right here and take advantage of these great rates right now!

Nov. 15th – Dec. 04th: $325
Dec 05th – Jan 22nd: $350
Jan 23rd – Feb 19th: $375
Feb 20th – March 19th: $400
March 20th – April16th: $425
April 17th – May 22nd: $450

Become an Expo Sponsor!
Choose from one of 5 different levels.

Note: Booth's rates increase each month and we take only 3 companies per industry. 1/3 of the booth are already gone! So secure your booth IMMEDIATELY, repeat IMMEDIATELY!

*The above prices are for a 6ftX 2.5ft table. For a different booth size please call (703) 359-5642.

See our complete list of exhibitors under the section "Be an exhibitor". Would you have any question please contact Basile right away at (703) 359-5642 or e-mail him at:

These expos are held twice a year, once in mid-year and once at the end of the year.

Exclusive registration for Nov. 14th Expo Exhibitors

DATE: FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2015
TIME:  8:00 AM - 2:00 PM 

The Stacy C. Sherwood
Community Center
3740 Old Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22030

BL Marketing Enterprises
Organo Gold

Diamond Dream Foundation
Dianetics Foundation


Payments are non-refundable.